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We, HB nutrition is a professional supplier of steroids and peptides, there is booming in hormone market. Quality is always the part we concern most. All products produced in Laboratory according to GMP standard.

For those clients who have problem to import products like steroids and peptides, we got professional team to customize discreet packing. Clients from different countries would be offered packing suits you best.

Our Main Products: (Powder and Liquid Form with Highest Concentrate):

  • AMP (adenosine monophosphate) – Human grad – 200MG.
  • CUT MIX (400 MG)
  • BULK MIX (400MG)
  • HGH Somatropin – 100IU kit


He is a professional body builder since 2010. He has used our product and given great feedback among this all the product.

Currently he is the sales and marketing manager in this organisation in north India.

HB Nutrition

We all the organisation, who looking to make people aware about the bodybuilding plus right use of nutrition and steroids.

We produce all the quality product.

As we love to guide everyone in right place to look forward.


Human growth hormone (HGH) is the hypothalamic hormone produced by the anterior pituitary gland. Alternative name of the HGH is somatropin. It plays an important role in metabolism, increasing the mass, reducing the amount of body fat and doing a lot of everything else.

Growth hormone stimulates liver cells to release polypeptide ferments known as somatomedins. At the moment, the most studied HGH is insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1).  HGH and IGF-1 affect all body systems, that include but not limited by:

  • Promote muscle development,
  • Connect tissues, increase linear growth and restore the body,
  • Make the structure of the skeleton stronger,
  • Regulate various functions related to the metabolism,
  • Contribute to normalization on cognitive functions,
  • Promotes the health of the heart.